Monday, July 1, 2013

Girly Pink

I had mixed emotions about posting these pictures...this was the outfit I was to wear to the CincyChic fundraiser on the Purple People Bridge, but unfortunately it rained so much that we opted to stay indoors, missing the fundraiser (or was it canceled? I don't know).  So this became an outfit post instead.  It is definitely borderline peacocky- a characteristic I do not want my blog to inherit, so I apologize for the mixed signals.  I do enjoy feeling "girly" at times, which is not to be confused with feminine.  Girly to me is dabbling in the superficial.  Messing around with make up and heels and dipping your exterior into the image-obsessed world we grace.  It is fun for a night but is something I've started to outgrow.  I could never hide behind this facade for the majority of my waking life, I think I would lose touch with my soul.  I am also exploring what I want this blog to become, and am experimenting with its message, so bare with me!  This will probably be the first and last post like this, but for now it will remain.  Enjoy!

Altar'd State Dress & Shi Wedges by Journeys (nude) or (black), see my post on them here.
Happy Monday!



  1. Beautiful outfit! It compliments you well

  2. Thanks Ony, I went with the heels too :)

  3. seriously i have the most beautiful best friend ever! love u. - Yaz