Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To Heel or not to Heel?

Shi by Journey's Wedge (nude) or (black multi).
I am debating whether or not to wear these stripey sling-backs to a fundraiser this Friday- I just purchased them at Journey's for $20.00 on a whim.  I used to be a big heels girl but have since grown very fond of flats/ slip-ons no matter the occasion.  Being able to comfortably run around and live in the moment instead of worrying if I resemble the Hunch Back of Notre Dame hobbling around is very important to me! 

Also, not long ago, I was determined to fit everything I owned/needed into one backpack- clothes, shoes, technological devices- thinking I'd be roaming the country vagabond style so I threw out a lot of my belongings.  But my travels have since been postponed and I am now left with a minimal shoe collection (which I'd like to keep that way) but damn you sale rack, I couldn't resist. What do you think? Are they worth keeping?  I also just found them in black, now I want those!  Ah man.  Decisions, decisions. 



  1. These are cute! Be a girl, i believe pampering yourself and having your feet feel the pain, every now and then is worth it! And these shoes are amazing! Wear them!!They are an absolute keeper.



    1. Haha agreed! They were so inexpensive too. Now I just need to find that perfect dress to go with...

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