Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tandoor- Cincinnati's Best Indian Food

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Cincinnati
Indian food has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl.  There is something about the spices and flavors used that mingle together so effortlessly and cohesively that make it one of my favorite meals.  Growing up, I was a semi picky eater, but I was also one of the only kids around whose mom would make ground nut stew or mujaddara for dinner instead of Kraft macaroni (I didn't realize how lucky I was at the time - a thousand thank you's to my Mom!).  But palak paneer was always something I would eat-no problem.

So when it was suggested that we have a Saturday lunch at Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Montgomery, a place my family has been going to religiously for years (it's right by Go Banana's Comedy Club), I was dressed in a flash and ready to go!  No matter what I'm doing I will drop anything to go to Tandoor, seriously A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  

Cincinnati has tons of Indian restaurants (there are four on Ludlow Avenue alone, three of which are on the same block!) but none can compare to the lunch buffet at Tandoor... yum.   

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Cincinnati

Vegetable somosas, pakoras, daal soup, tandoori chicken, palak paneer, channa masala, raita & naan... galore!    I wish I took more pictures.

The food is homemade, wholesome, and savory, and isn't excessively oily like some indian restaurants I've been to.  It is owned by husband and wife Naren and Vorsha (sp?!).  If you have any questions about the food, no matter how naive and foolish you feel- just ask- Vorsha is always happy to help and make recommendations.  Also, if you're an indian food newbie here's a little tip: eat your meal with some naan, basically use it like a fork and scoop up your food- delish!

Their lunch buffet is Monday through Saturday 11:30- 2,  I would suggest going Saturday for the best experience.  And after you stuff yourself full you can ease your bloat by taking a little walk behind their building to check out the goldfish pond in the back. :)

♥ RB

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  1. This made me so hungry, like mouth drooling hungry, and it is midnight....

  2. oh no, sorry! i'll send you some in the mail... haha gross.

  3. Gosh what will you do when you get real Indian....Sorry but the quality is just ho hum there