Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Terry's Turf Club!

The other day on our way to get some light Thai food, my Mom and I almost made it past Terry's Turf Club before the glutton inside of us both agreed to pull a U-ie and go eat the best burger in town!  Well the best portabella burger that is...(mother is a vegetarian and I rarely eat meat, although I have had their burgers and they are juicy!), but the portabella burger...mmm...hands down the best I have ever's always an excellent choice to listen to your inner glutton ;)

Every table gets a bowl of peanuts and you are expected to throw the shells on the floor.  Don't be shy about it either or else the waitress will do it with confidence.  It's just like a baseball game minus the cotton candy, oh and the baseball of course...

The inside is bright, as is the outside... Terry's is known for its Pee-Wee's Playhouse type vibe with all of the neon lights and crazy signs.  I would recommend stopping here at night for the full effect. 

Best portabella burger in town.  What a beaut!
If you're visiting Cincinnati and want a unique, scrumptious  non-chain restaurant, with a flamboyant style and good beer, definitely check out Terry's.  It is unforgettable!  You'll be telling the grandkids about this one :)

 ♥ RB

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